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The interest in TaTuTa is increasing
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Tarih: 26-Ocak-2012
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Buğday Association’s TaTuTa project which was launched in 2004, attracts more attention year by year. The 2011 figures of the project were announced last week.

Accordingly, the number of overnight stays of volunteers and guests at TaTuTa farms rose from 2822 to 3035 in 2011. The total number of overnight stays so far has increased to 10674. Among last year’s visitors 126 were female, 63 were male. Majority (86) is under 25 years old. Visitor figures according to country of origin is as follows: 48 USA, 36 Turkey, 18 UK, 16 Germany, 11 France, 9 Canada, 7 Australia, 6 Holland, 5 Austria, China, 4 Czech Republic, 2 Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, 1 Denmark, Israel, Italy, Japan, Cyprus, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russian and Syria.

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